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Airtel GPRS

Note: The GPRS plan packages and the procedure for activating and deactivating GPRS might have changed. Kindly contact Airtel customer care for exact details.

Update: I recently purchased a Nokia 3110 classic. This phone comes with EDGE and in-built modem. Using EDGE, the browsing speed seems to be reasonable.


This article is mainly for people using Airtel GPRS in Hyderabad (and Andhra Pradesh). As of the day of posting this article, Airtel Postpaid in Andhra Pradesh offers two packages for GRPS.

1. 199 flat monthly based plan
2. 499 pro-rata monthly plan (i.e. if u use the GPRS service for 2 days you would be charged only Rs. 499*2/30)

For the prepaid customers, it is on a prepaid basis i.e. the user is charged 15 rupees per day for using GRPS and he has to re-activate it every day. The minimum prepaid balance for using GPRS is Rs.30.

I found the postpaid second plan and the prepaid option especially useful if I am on a personal/business trip for 3-7 days where in I would not have access to internet. I own a Nokia 8310 with inbuilt GPRS modem and infrared and luckily my laptop also has infrared. Hence by having my laptop detect my mobile GPRS modem and using the GRPS facility provided by Airtel, I am able to access Internet anytime anywhere.

Activating GPRS

To active the GPRS 499 monthly plan in postpaid, kindly sms "GPRS ACTIVE" to 121 (kindly note all should be uppercase letters). The activation will take about 2-3 hours upon which you will either receive a SMS or a phone call from the customer care.

To activate the GRPS facility in prepaid, kindly sms "INTERNET ON" to 121 (again note the use of all uppercase letters). The activation will take only 2-3 minutes in the case of prepaid (no idea why it takes so long in postpaid :)).

Upon activation, you will then have to sms "MO" to 2567. You should receive a SMS with the GPRS settings. Save these settings. You may have to switch off and switch on your mobile once for the changes to take place.

Connecting to Internet from Laptop

After enabling GPRS on your mobile, you can use the below dial up settings for establishing a dial-up connection from your laptop (For Windows Dial-Up connection, I don't think you will have the last two options i.e. "Domain" and "Extra dial-string command").

Dialling number: *99#
Username: (leave blank) or alternatively you can use 919849.. (91 followed by your cell no)
Password: (leave blank) or alternatively you can use 0000
Domain: (leave blank) or alternatively use
Extra dial-string command: z

If while connecting from Windows XP you get an error "Registering your computer on the network. Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated." or the phone throws an error "Subscribe To Packet Data First", try connecting after making the below change:

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Select Phone and Modem Options
3. Click on Modem tab.
4. Double click on Nokia 3110 classic Bluetooth Modem (this should open the Properties window).
5. Select Advanced tab.
6. Empty the Extra initialization commands textbox.
7. Click on OK.

Deactivating GPRS

To cancel the pospaid GPRS 499 plan, kindly sms "GPRS CANCEL" to 121. The cancellation will take upto 2-3 hours. Please note that if GPRS gets deactivated after 00.00 midnight then it is counted as an extra day though the actual time you have GRPS activated is less than 24 hours (ex. 27th May 5.30 to 28th May 00.20 is counted as 2 days AFAIK)

In the prepaid connection, I think it gets deactivated automatically after 24 hours and you will be prompted to renew it (need to confirm on this). You may want to sms "INTERNET OFF" to 121 to deactivate it permanently.

The speed is not that good (max. 40 Kbps) but it is a convenient way for checking mails or downloading any important document. For further details, kindly contact the Airtel customer care.

So enjoy surfing even when you are mobile by just carrying a mobile :) !



Rahul, if I send a message after mid nite does it get activated the following day during business hours or ity would be activated around 3 am or 4 am in nite?

Hmm .. I am not sure about that. When I placed a request for activation of GPRS in the morning, I got a call after 3 hours from Airtel Customer Care confirming the activation from which all I could conclude is that the process is manual rather than automated (may be different for prepaid as the activation is done within 5 mins). So I am assuming if Airtel Customer Care works round the clock, then the activation should be done around 3 am or 4 am.

If it is really important, you could give this a try though. The Airtel GPRS 499 plan is on a pro-rata basis. So if u activate and deactivate on the same day, you'd be charged only for a day :).

Yes, the activation only happens during business hours. I sent a message for activation during night 02-Jan-2008-21:27 and received a confirmation next morning 03-Jan-2008-09:38, which is like 12hrs for actual activation !

In the first case the concept for 3hrs in itself sounds very weird to me (I don't know why airtel need so much time for activation or deactivation) and adding to it - activation happens only during business hours.

Really Cheapos
- Prem.

Thanks a lot for your help. Well, I'll be visiting India from Canada and need something for my emails and stuff. I do have a post paid indian connection with me, so I was wondering if I land there and send the text message, everything start working in couple of hours.

I guess I'll give it a shot. Also you can do emails and everything with mobile office rt?

Yes, once you connect your laptop via GPRS, you have a full fledged internet connection. So (unless Airtel has blocked any ports), you should be able to browse, email, chat and use the internet normally.

Btw, if you are using Airtel Andhra (not sure about Airtel in other states), there is another very useful facility provided by Airtel. Any email sent to (ex. gets sent as a SMS to that particular mobile number. I have at times observed delay in receiving sms sent by this method but generally the delivery is immediate.

Similarly you can send email from your mobile using Airtel by sending a sms in the format "emailid msg" (ex. " hello how r u?") to 600.

Isn't that cool? :)

thanks for the info dude..sunil mittal owes u..:)

my nokia pc suite auto detected the configuration when i said i wanted to connect to airtel india..

thanks a bunch.


I tried to connect my laptop through Airtel GPRS with bluetooth dongle.

It does dial and say registering your network and then suddenly given an error message " Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated"

what is the solution of this problem


No idea about the solution to this error

please help me frns

am using sonyerricson750i,i wish to connect internet to my pc (windowsxp proffesional)through my mobile.plz guide me n what r the settings required for that in mobile as whel as in pc.

thanking you

hi, i do have a laptop, lenovo (y500) 23 q, and my mobile is samsung x 650. i have airtel prepaid connection and even gprs activated. my problem is that my mobile cable connecter has a serial port connecter where in my laptop i have the provision for usb. my mobile has infra red but laptop doesnt has it. can anyone suggest me, what to do. pls help me, its urgent.

For being able to use the GRPS facility to connect via your laptop, there are three things which are necessary.

1. Your service provider (Airtel, etc.) should provide GRPS connectivity.
2. The phone should have an in-built modem.
3. There should be some way for the laptop to access the phone's internal modem (Cable/Infrared/Bluetooth).

Reg 1., I have already discussed it in the article.

Reg 2., nothing can be done about it if your phone does not have an in-built modem. Unfortunately, I don't think Samsung X650 has an in-built modem.

Reg 3., although your computer might not have a serial port/infrared/bluetooth, it should not be a problem as long as it has USB because there will be many USB-To-Serial Port, USB-To-Infrared and USB-To-Bluetooth adapters available in the market.

Also please keep in mind that for Infrared, the infrared port of your laptop and the phone have to be in the same straight line for the laptop to detect the phone.

I just activated GPRS on my Windows mobile 5 device. i smsed GPRS ACTIVE to 121 and promptly got a sms back saying that it will b active in 3 hrs and also i should sms MO to 2567 once i get my confirmation. but i never got the activation sms. so i called up airtel, they checked and said my gprs is already active. but since mine is a windows device, i wont b receiving any gprs info. but they gave me gprs details over the phone. here r the details: in wm5 goto start --> settings ---> connections -->gprs ---> add (new) Description: MO, connects to: The internet, Access point: and then click finish or done. the settings will show up as MO on your gprs settings view, u may have to delete other settings, i am not sure but i did it. after all that, switch off ur phone, remove the battery, remove the SIM, put it back in and power the phone, goto ur browser, u should b browsing, i did. any questions, Airtel GPRS questions are answered on 121, hit option 2, then 1, then 2. thats 121-2-1-2. good luck.

Thanks for sharing this information.

hi, i guesg you would also need to update the IP address or is it not required

i read ur post..
i want to activate gprs on my windows mobile 5
please tell me detail information how shall i do dis ???

airtel gprs service If u want to acess any gprs service in P.C you youyou just set the modem settings of you set like in nokia
just make a dial up set ,your settings and modem setting in your phone and enjoy the internet

This is not ***99*1# this is *99***1# lol

can i activate GPRS and Internet on my nokia7610?if yes then what should be the method for it and what are the cost for it?

im using 1288 BAIZHAO Chinese Analog Tv Mobile..cannot connect to gprs airtel..any solution.

i m using chinese set cect u90 i m using airtel and want to use mobile office plz giv me mannual serttings

I had got blackberry 7230 . I am facing problem with handset setting for airtel gprs .pls send me the setting for the same.I had got airtel prepaid account and it is gprs activated

I have gprs active on my connection. I used it on my earlier phone Motorola A786i. I basically use for Net on phone. I am not able to connect to net on my new HTC s710. can pl help me with it. It works on Windows 6 platform. unable to get thru to Airtel call center.

i use blackberry 7230, it a mobile desktop it gives me lot of trouble especially my browser.
i can not browse on my handheld i really need your help
secondly, i can not make calls with my phone anytime i do my identity is hidden my mobile number is 23408(0)83709647 i wld apreciate your help

i have china made k915 custemer care they have no setting for this but by menualey i connect gprs in mobile,but i can't connect this for computer for surfing. what can i do?


My self Jeet from Delhi, i have Vodafone sim, i have some problem like u but some different. I cannot surf on the net becuase i have not known the WAP setting but i attached this with computer and work ok.
Please send me the WAP setting of K915, i will be very thankful to you.

My email id ' '


hi all,
Kinldy help me, i bought HTC S710. i bought this phone to access internet but just came to know that Airtel Delhi, doesn't support GPRS for Windows based mobile. Mine is Windows 6. Can someone here help me with GPRS settings please.

Many thanks

The following worked for me on my O2 XDA Orbit running WM5, try these -

- Start -> Settings -> Connection -> Connections -> Manage existing Connections
(here delete any connections you might have)
- Create a new ISP Connection
Name : MO
User :
Password :
Domain :
(don't play around with dns settings, leave them blank)
- Shutdown your mobile
- Wait for a minute
- Start your mobile -> check whether your internet works
- If it still doesn't work (Repeat the whole cycle, except before switching on the mobile, remove and replace the sim).
- If it still doesn't work - call customer care and ask them to delete the profile stored in their server and repeat the above cycle again.
- If it still doesn't work - go to a different location where the reception is good
- If it still doesn't work - and your are sure about the reception, try another phone (just for checking).

Good Luck.

Dear sir/mam

i am using cect u90 chines model mobile. I need cect u90 software pls send mail ...

Hi Iam From Iran I Need U90 Software

I m using CECT U90 the chinese phone. but airtel service does not have the Settings for GPRS or NOP. Can someone send me the manual setting for Chinese CECT U90 phone.

Plz help me out.......

please sent

i m using chinese set . i m using airtel and want to use mobile office plz giv me mannual serttings.

does any one got successes with chainees phone..

Recently I bought a china mobile model is ZTC N38 TV mobile but I could not access air tel GPRS service . How can I access GPRS with this mobile . I especially purchased to access internet please if you know ...................... send a email

i want to know how they work.

my mobile set no. y690 please sugest me how to doing airtel gprs setting my mobile

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