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20 Common Engineering Rules

The 4-year holiday called engineering

20 things common to all engg colleges:
1). The lecturers dont teach.The students dont study.The only guy who
benefits is the one who owns the 'dhaba' next to the college.

2).Rules are made to be broken.

3).Promises are made to be broken.
4).Deadlines are made to be extended...ALWAYS!
5).Guys always think the chics in the college next lane are more beautiful.
5).The geeks are the most pampered lot during the internal exams.
6).The lab assistants are the most respected people(during the lab exams i.e)
7).The watchmen are the people most bribed.
8).The HOD is the! person most respected(heights of sycophancy here).
9).The principal is the person most abused and insulted(behind the back i.e)
10).Dropping subjects is 'cool'.(arre yaar..drop the idea of dropping
subjects plzz).
11).There is always a lecturer in the college who cant speak proper 'english'.
12).Night-out is the second most important tool to ace the exams.

13).The most important tool..the the 'chit' in which
the words can be understood only by the person who wrote them(in most
of the cases i.e)
14).The freshers are the most sought it in the canteen,the
'free' periods or for completing the records,assignments.
15).The second-years are the ones with the 'I am the
don-of-the-college' feeling.
16).The third years are the ones with the 'so-many-backlogs' feeling
and the poor
souls get down to studying after bossing around in the college for so
long.but the fun still continues.(I gave 22 exams last year!!).
17).The fourth years have no connectio! n with the college
whatsoever...with no interest in ragging,pulling each other`s legs,the
bday parties,the bday bums et al which they enjoyed so much till
now.All they want is a good placement and a '1st-class' tag attached
to their memo.
19).The first three years are spent in cursing the college,the people
there,the system et al.
20).But towards the end of the fourth year,people tend to feel
nostalgic abt the pure unadulterated fun they have had for 4 years.Now
the very system they disliked,the very canteen they cursed,the time
that they spent there,the bday bums they suffered..all these seem like
heaven to them.


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