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How Wipro lost the ABN Amro deal.....

Have u tried to figure out why Wipro did not figure in the list of companies to whom ABN Amro has outsourced work????

Highly placed sources have come out with the reason...

A few days before the decision was being made, the CEO of ABN Amro called the Business Development Managers of all the companies to talk to them. It so happened that he called the BDM of Wipro also. The conversation went as below?..

CEO: Hi, I am calling from ABN Amro??.
Wipro BDM: [Without allowing the CEO to tell anything more] I already have your credit card. I have taken my home loan as well as my vehicle loan from your bank. I do not need anything more. Thank you for calling and please do not disturb me again!!!! [Bangs the receiver back on the telephone]


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