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Birthday Mail

From: Rahul Amaram
Subject: Happppppyyyyyyyyy Birthdaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 23:57:30 +0530

Sunday, Feb 13th:
5 days left for her bday .. what do I do ? what do I do ?
I know .. I'll bake her an eggless cake and gift it to her :-).
That will be different and special.

Let me see what all do I need for a cake - a recipe, the items and an oven.

I google for a recipe and find some sites. The items could be purchased from
the stores. And oven ? Do we have an oven.

I immediately ask my grandma and I get the expected response - 'Paaddu
ayipoyindi, exchange offer kosam wait chestinanu'. I think to myself - 'Shit!
what a time for it to get spoilt'. But not to forget all those wonderful
aunts I have. And so I start calling up all known and unknown aunts - mom's
sis, dad's sis, dad's cousin, dad's sis-in-law. And the responses are not
very surprising - 'Oven, why would I have one?', 'Sorry ... its spolit',
'Nope, sold it long back'. But I'm not one among those who lose hope. I
decide to get the one at home repaired.

Monday, Feb 14th:
In the course of my inquiry about the oven with one of my aunts, I get to know
that there are eggless cake mix available. I come home early from office and
get an eggless cake mix from Food World. As the oven had gone for repair
(after me continuously pestering daddy to send it for repair in the morn), we
decide to bake it in a pressure cooker. After a couple of hours and with help
from my mom, the cake is ready. Excited I taste it, but only to my
disappointment. I think to myself - 'The cake is not bad, but certainly it is
not worth to be cut in front of 10 persons'. So I drop the cake plan. A big
FLOP story!

Tuesday, Feb 15th:
Oh my God! 3 days left. I've got to do something. I know. So what if I can't
bake a cake, I'll order one next day.

Wednesday, Feb 16th:
Time for ordering. Someone told me VACS Bakery (Kharkana) is good. Decide to
catch 'C' route bus as it goes to Kharkana. Unfortunately, business wanted me
to stay back till 8.00 PM. So had to ask mummy to do the job.

Thursday, Feb 17th:
Gr8 ! One day, left. And there is nothing you have done for her. Ok ... if not
anything, atleast a card from Walden is a good idea. Decide to catch the bus
to Somajiguda but end up catching the bus to Ameerpet. Somehow reach Walden
and start browsing through the cards. Hmm ... after 10 mins of search I don't
find anything interesting. Catch the auto to my home.

And now, here I am mailing you all the flop stories. I guess sometimes nothing
just works out.

When I said 'You make my every day brighter', you laughed thinking that it was
a joke. But I meant every word I said. I am out of words to describe the
difference you have made in my stay in Infosys. Infosys would never have been
the same without you :-) !

I've heard this somehwere - 'People walk into our lives and people walk out of
our our lives but only few leave their footprints'. And I do not hesitate
telling you that are among those whom I will remember all my life. Tomorrow
we may not be the way we are today, but I shall always remember you. Thanks
for being such a good friend.

Have a fun filled bday Minna :-) !


P.S.: Edo bday ani koncham eko pogarutinanu. mari egraku. Kindiki digu :-D !


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