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Ways to spot indian travellers

I'm not saying that "YOU ARE" or "YOU HAVE TO BE". All
I'm saying is that there is a very (VERY) high chance
that you are an Indian traveler flying abroad if you
do any of the following things:

1. Carry home cooked food with you on the flight.

2. Wear a suit even if you are not going for any
business or business related work.

3. Ask the person sitting next to you in the flight
where they are going (pleaseeeeee people, it's a
flight and not a bus. The chances are very very very
high that you are all going to the same place!!!)

4. Have a hand written gigantic sticker on top of your
hand bag and carry on luggage that discloses your
name, age, email id, phone number and hobbies.

5. Introduce your better half as your "V ife" and then
add that even she is "Wary excited"!

6. Sit next to random foreigners in airports and start
telling them why you are going abroad.

7. Ask the air hostess if you can get an extra meal.

8. Spend the time in an airport clicking photographs
next to every possible shop and then outdo yourself by
posing next to the restroom.

9. Explain everything in great detail to your wife
even though it's the first trip abroad for BOTH of
you. If the wife actually nodds her head in agreement
and awe then you don't even have to think twice before
you make the conclusion :)


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