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Why we adopted Buzzi

It was November 25th, 1998. A rather hot afternoon. Ring Ring! We heard someone ring the doorbell. It was our friendly neighbourhood ... spiderman .. no ... it was our friendly medical rep :). And he brought Boozi to our house. Actually when Boozi first entered our house, he had many lollipops. Being the mean me, I took away all his lollilops and also snatched the one he was eating. He began to cry loudly and uncontrollably. When mummy saw this, she spanked me properly and then decided to adopt Boozi.

Coming to the history of Boozi, he is actually from the Himalayas and he had lost his mother. Even to this day, he doesn't know this and we do not even intend to tell him the truth as he may not be able to accept the fact. Boozi is impulsive and very possessive of his mom. Whenever my mom pampers me, he immediately comes in between and starts to shout "Me too ... Me too". I remember one incident when a small soldier named Vikki came to our house (he was my mom's friend's son's toy). Initially he felt jealous that we were showing him importance but within no time he became so attached to Vikki that when we returned him to his master, he cried like hell. He loves to fight with his sis and never loses and opportunity in teasing her (and this is in spite of knowing that Pallavi would not keep quite if he passes any comment). Due to some unknown reasons, he has developed a phobia towards my dad. Whenever Daddy enters the room, he becomes quiet and tries to hide behind me / mummy. Mom tried explaining to him many times not to be scared of Dad but somehow that fear seems to be deeply embedded within him.

Boozi is probably that part of me which I cannot express / which I am not. We celebrate his birthday religously on November 25th every year. If you are interested in attending it anytime, kindly let me know.

Below is a chat conversation I had reg. Boozi with my cousin. If interested feel free to go through them (my cousin's id has been masked due to privacy concerns):

(20:36:53) *****: so whats buzzi doing?
(20:37:00) Rahul: sleeping ...
(20:37:06) Rahul: he does it most of the time ..
(20:37:06) *****: oh..ok
(20:37:14) Rahul: when he is awake he plays with his friends ..
(20:37:16) *****: hhmm
(20:37:27) *****: he never hangs out with u??
(20:37:35) Rahul: not much ...
(20:37:46) *****: oh ok does e sleep with u??
(20:37:47) Rahul: he has been to a couple of movies
(20:37:52) Rahul: with me ..
(20:38:01) *****: ok which ones
(20:38:03) Rahul: and he comes with us sometimes when we go to the club ..
(20:38:11) *****: which club?
(20:38:18) Rahul: Secunderabad club ..
(20:38:22) *****: k
(20:38:24) Rahul: but we put him to sleep in the car
(20:38:29) Rahul: have our dinner and then come back
(20:38:31) *****: hhahahahah
(20:38:38) *****: doesnt he eat anything?
(20:38:50) Rahul: what kind of a stupid question is that ...
(20:38:54) Rahul: he has cerelac ...
(20:39:03) Rahul: what else do kids have ?
(20:39:06) *****: hhahahaha he is 7YRS OLD!
(20:39:09) Rahul: yeah ..
(20:39:11) *****: 1min
(20:39:16) Rahul: kani still he has cerelac only ..
(20:40:25) *****: ok
(20:40:39) *****: do u feed him??
(20:40:52) Rahul: sometimes me .. sometimes mummy ..
(20:41:03) *****: ok
(20:41:04) Rahul: why do u ask so many questions ?
(20:41:09) Rahul: haven't u ever seen a kid before ?
(20:41:20) *****: nothing like that
(20:41:40) Rahul: I'll introuduce you to him when you come over next time :-D


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