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Rahul's Getting Busy ...

Online, I've made quite a number of posts last weekend. I've also updated the About Me page which I must have probably edited last in 500 B.C. :). As the number of posts are increasing, I am realizing that my blogging is mainly oriented towards informative (especially technical) articles rather than personal views and updates. So I guess this is where my writing interest lies in :).

Among other updates, I've become really hectic. There are two new employees who have joined our company last week and I am responsible for their training. I really need to prioritize things right now to help me spend the next few months productively rather than making a mess of it. And one of my close buddies Swetha has volunteered to help me out by giving me a wake up call daily morning :D. Hey Swetha if you are listening "Really appreciate your help dude". Anyway, now that I have made a mention of her, I think I should also make a mention that this gal has been really sweet the past few weeks tolerating me and answering all my stupid questions patiently. So once again hey Swetha if you are still listening "Really Really appreciate you being a part of my life" :D. For those of you who'd like to know more about this wonderful gal, kindly visit her website.


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