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My morning alarm is gone on a trip :(

To begin with, I've spent some time last week with my cousin Appu. Well, only a couple of days actually. One was all day out and the other day was at our aunt's place. We went to the movie 300 in PVR, did go-karting and played a few games like FooseBall, Air Hockey at Runaway 9 and to end it went for a boat ride and had dinner at Eat Street. The first time I am taking someone out for an entire day driving all by myself. So this makes it quite a special event for me :). She left to U.S. yesterday night. Pictures can be accessed at Day Out With Aparna

It surprises me that I have hardly been in touch with this person for the past 7 years, believe that our frequencies don't match (probably because of the cultural and lingual differences), just spent a couple of days with her and yet feel such a pain when she leaves and go :(. I know I'll get over this feeling but oh boy, I'll never understand human emotions, probably the most illogical thing on this earth :D.

Among other updates, there is some great news. After years and years and years of worship, I am finally going to be an "UNCLE". Yes you heard it right ... especially some of you out there who have nephews and nieces and make me suffer and keep me in control by talking about them, listen to me loud n clear "I'M GONNA HAVE A NIECE OR NEPHEW SOON.". My cousin is pregnant and the expected date of delivery is sometime in October. So for you mean people out there who control me exploiting this weakness of mine, you better think of something else ... mu ha ha. I just pray that it is a baby girl :D.

Last but not the last, my morning alarm is off on a Europe tour. Oh yeah, I am talking about my "Item" buddy Swetha who has decided to ignore her responsibility of giving me a wakeup call daily and go on a 10 day trip. End result ... I reach office late by 2 hours with my employees cursing me and deciding to make me kneel as a punishment for coming late. Oh yeah Swetha, enjoy your trip but be sure when you are back, you are gonna have a hell of a time with me.


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