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A Visit to Anantagiri Hills

I along with few of my IIIT classmates had planned a get together yesterday. Not wanting to go to one of the regular places, we decided to pay a visit to Anantigiri Hills (75 kms from Hyderabad). Not a bad choice but at a completely wrong time. We've heard this place is really good but that is only in the rainy and winter season. Only too bad, we went in summer :). All the trees had shed their leaves. Some of us tried trekking for a while after which we got so exhausted that we just lazed about for a couple of hours in the shade and then started back. The best part of the visit though was the highway drive and lunch :D. Later in the evening I visited my friends place, played with his niece for a while and then had dinner at another friend's place. Photos can be accessed here.


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