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The tragic story of Chandrashekhar

Hi guys,
Today I am going to narrate the tragic story of one of our employees who had been betrayed by another employee of our company and has now become a "Devdas".

This is the photo of Chandrashekhar, our company mascot and a loyal employee.


He was a happy person and very productive until one fine day a lady "Chaitanya" joined our company. You might have just heard and read in books but I saw with my own eyes how this gal (as naive and innocent she may look) actually played with the feelings of Chandrashekhar. Even though Chandrashekhar did not show any interest, she used to affectionately call him "Chandu" and show him a lot of importance. So much so that she even shifted his position from near my desk to near her desk by bribing the higher officials. Gradually he also began to treat her in a special way and started calling her "Chaitu".

Everything was well n fine. Their affair went on for a month and then she began to lose interest in him. Gradually, she again bribed the higher officials in our company and got his seating position shifted back. This poor guy wasn't able to understand why Chaitanya was behaving in such an odd way. Papam pasivadu vaadiki emi telusu amayulu naaga paamulu ani. Now he has gone into a depression and now he wears a pink hat, a black shawl and just keeps boozing all day.

He has shared all his happy and sad moments with me. The happy times when Chaitanya showed so much importance and the sad times when she dumped him. Below is the photo of Chaitanya.


Andaaru baaga chudandi. This is the same person who has reduced our Chandrashekhar to such a state. And you won't believe this. But she even went to the extent of physically abusing Chandrashekhar upon my asking her as to why she had dumped him. If you ever come across her, please maintain your distance. More importantly if you see her flirting with anyone, be sure to warn the boy. You will be doing the entire humanity a favour.

I hope that at least after reading this mail, Chaitanya will realize her mistake and accept Chandrashekhar back into her life. And if not, I hope Chandrashekhar comes out of the depression soon and will be the same old cheerful guy.

An observer to a tragic love story,

Follow up

The latest update is that I spoke to Chaitanya yesterday night. I think her intentions were good though her actions did not reflect the same. She told me that she left Chandu because she felt for his personality and his social status, he would find a much better person than her. Anduke she took that drastic step of dumping him. I am so sorry for misunderstanding you Chaitanya. Please forgive me ^:)^.

And lastly the good news is that Chandrashekhar is recovering. He quit boozing and has thrown away the shawl. I guess he thought about it over the weekend and has finally concluded that life is very short and it is not worth wasting it. That's the way to go buddy. Yippeeee!!!


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