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Complete Guide to Obtaining Driving Licence (India - Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad)

Please do not send me any enquiries reg. driving licences. I do not work for the RTA and have provided the information available here from the procedure I followed while procuring the licence. For further information refer to my comment AP Transport Website. You may find some of the procedures listed in this image which I have taken in Secunderabad RTO Office.

Also if you want to know how to obtain an international licence, you might find this article useful -

Note: This article was written in 2007. While chances are less, there is always a possibility that the licence application rules / driving track rules might have changed. It is always suggested to cross-check the driving rules at the testing center.

The procedure for obtaining a driving licence is in two stages. First you should obtain a learner licence. This will be valid for a period of six months. The second stage is applying for a permanent licence. You have to wait for at least a month after the issue of learner licence for applying for a permanent licence.

Obtaining a learner licence

- In order to apply for a learner licence, first you will have to fill two forms. These forms shall be available at the RTA office. At the time of writing this article, the forms costed Rs.2/-.

- Next you will have to furnish documents for proof of address and proof of age.

Valid documents for address proof:
1. Ration Card
2. Electricity Bill
3. LIC
4. Passport
5. Pay slip / ID card issued By State And Central Government along with residential address

Valid attested documents for age proof:
1. Passport
2. PanCard
3. School Certificate
4. Birth Certificate issued by State Government / MCH Authorities
5. LIC

- Once the forms and the relevant documents are submitted, a photo of yours is taken. Please note that you need not get any photographs of yours. A digital photo of yours is taken by the RTA authority itself.

- The last stage and the most important stage of obtaining a learner licence is to clear a written exam. This written exam is based on traffic signals, rules and other general questions. You need to answer 20 questions in 10 minutes. The passing mark is 12. The links give in the "references" section below should help you in preparing for the exam. But the best thing I suggest is to go to the RTA office and buy the book (about Rs.15). Going through it should prepare you well enough for clearing th exam.

- Once the exam is cleared, a learner licence is issued for a period of 6 months.

Obtaining a permanent licence

- The permanent licence can be applied only if you hold the learner licence for a minimum period of one month (the applicant is expected to learn driving the vehcile in this one month).

- At the driving test center, a form should be filled out and submitted.

- The fee for application of driving licence depends upon the class of vehicles for which you have applied the licence for. For a geared two wheeler and a four wheeler, the cost is Rs.440.

- After the forms are submitted and the fee is paid, you will be asked to take a driving test. Below is the track on which you will be asked to drive. (Unless you clearly understand the below diagram, please don't assume anything). Also for two wheeler only the '8' turn in the first block has to be performed and the next two blocks can be ignored as there is no reverse gear for two wheelers.

Driving Track

Certain things to keep in mind while driving

  • Always use indicators at turns
  • Slow down at speed brakers
  • Look for complusory horns
  • If driving a two-wheeler, you should not put your foot down
  • You shouldn't touch any of the dividers
  • I think it is alright if the car stops (not sure about this) but definitely the two wheeler shouldn't switch off

- Also note that you have to get your own vehicle (RTC will not provide any). And you might have to drive all the vehicles for which you have applied license for. So for example, if you have applied license for four wheeler and two wheeler, it won't be sufficient to drive four wheeler only. You might be asked to drive the two wheeler as well.

- Once the driving test is cleared, a permanent licende is issued (this is generally sent by post one week later).


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From what I have heard and know, I think the main reason why people take international licence over here is so that they can easily get a licence over there (or maybe use this one itself). But if you have not yet applied for a learner licence here, it will not be feasible for you to get a permanent licence (or international licence) before you leave to U.S. because you can take the driving test only after one month of being issued the learner licence. Also I don't think that it is mandatory to learn a 4 wheeler to go to U.S..


I wish to get my 2 and 4 wheeler driver's license as soon as possible. My native place is Kerala, and I've been staying at Hyderabad on rental home for 8 months. I would like to know if I should get the DL from Kerala, which could turn out to be difficult as I don't visit home often. Or i could get it from Hyderabad, and then opt for a change of address if that is required. Any suggestions?

Is it required that the DL should be issued from the RTO in the native state? Will the DL from another state RTO be useful in cases like proof of address etc?

In the "Handbook On Motor Driving LIcences", it is stated that for obtaining a driving licence "A person should be a resident of the area/Jurisdiction of the Licensing Authority."

So I think if you want to apply for a driving licence in Hyderabad, then you should probably have some kind of proof that you are staying here.

I would be able to use the rental agreement or something for that, right?

What I wanted to know is how necessary is it to get the address changed to my permanent address in Kerala later on? And also if it's gonna be difficult to do?

I think the rental agreement should be valid proof. And It is not necessary to get the address changed to your permanent address in Kerala as the licence will be valid all over India.

For your query related to change of address, refer my previous comment.


I wish to recruit a driver. He has shown me a copy of his driving license, but says that his original is left back in his hometown. So, I don't know whether he actually has an original driving license or not. Having a proper driving license is mandatory for a car's insurance to be applicable. Is there are a way to verify that his driving license is valid and without complaint.


I am sorry I do not have much idea about this Phani. You could probably look at the copy and figure out whether he has a licence or not. But if he is going to be your driver, then he better have the original license. Lest he might have a tough time explaining to the traffic police that he is a licensed driver if necessary.

Hi !
I am planning to migrate to canada. Therefore I wish to apply for an Int'l driving licence for cars.. Can I do it from Mysore where i am now residing?
I am holding an Indian licence which was issued from Delhi.
Kindly advise.

From what I know you should be able to do it. But you should apply at the RTO in your area. And you should have a proof that you are residing in that area. It might be a good idea to visit the RTO office and get the exact details.


Hello everyone,
I need change my address on driving license ASAP, because recently i have changed my address....just 10 back only i have got my permanent driving license.....can you please help on this.............

Hope u will give ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,

iam loss my original vehicle licence & rc please help me what can do
hyderabad, india.

I have two wheeler licence. I want Four wheeler licence. So send me required information for this.

I have a driving license from the state for two wheeler and four wheeler. since i am a keralite i want to settle in my home town. how can i change the address of my driving license to kerala address. can u help in this same.


My name was mis-spelled in the license (as the application was filled in telugu at the time of applying). Can you please let me know the procedure to change it as per my certificates. Moreover I want to change the address in the license as well.


I don't think it is possible to change the address. For correction of name, I don't know the procedure. Please get in touch with the concerned RTA office.

There is a website for AP Transport ( where most of your queries should be answered. The FAQ section is especially useful.

As I am not someone working with the transport department but have been getting many queries related to licence and registration which obviously I am unable to answer, I have decided to make this thread read-only.

Also I have often been asked if there was a provision for change of address in the licence. It seems there is indeed such a provision. The details on how this can be done are given in the Licence FAQ in the above mentioned site (