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Comptia Network+ Certification Resources

Comptia is a certifying authority. One of its exams which I had given and cleared in April 2006 was the Comptia Network+ Certification. I wasn't planning to take it. But as I was anyway reading a book on Networking Basics (which actually was a guide to Network+ Certification exam), I decided to take it. And I should say the book which I went through (All-In-One Network+ Certification Exam Study Guide Second Edition With CD, Indian Edition) is an excellent resource for learning Networking basics. Below is the errata for the book (note that this has not been validated by anyone else). I couldn't contact the author for sending it and they might have been fixed in the later editions. Anyway, here it is:

- In Page 366, (Chapter 12 -> Under "Windows 2000" section), it is metioned "Windows 2000 only supported TCP/IP natively, although through extra configration it supported NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk". This is contradictory to the answer given for Question No. 9 which states that "TCP/IP and IPX/SPX are native on a Windows 2000 syster. NetBEUI comes with 2000, but you must install it"
- In Page 503, (Chapter 16 -> V standards), the speed for V.34 is mentioned as "28,000 bps". It should be "28,800 bps".
- In Page 507, (Chapter 16 -> ISDN), it is mentioned "ISDN PRI only provides a single B channel for a total throughput of 64 Kbps". But as per information on the internet an ISDN PRI provides 23 B channels and a D channel with a bandwidth of 64 kbps.
- In Page 513 (Chapter 16 -> Satellite), it is mentioned "Neither cable modems nor satellite use PPP,PPPoE, or anything else that begins with three Ps.". But PPPoE can be used over a cable modem.
- In Page 518, (Chapter 16 -> Copper Carriers: T1 and T3), it is mentioned "There are also E3 lines, which are similar to T3 lines, with a bandwidth of 45 Mbps". But the bandwidth of E3 lines are 34.368 Mbps.
- In Page 592, "SFU" is written as "FSU". This is a typo.

Apart from that book, here are some other useful links:

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