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Engagement And 27 Birthday

I thought of giving my friends and distant relatives a surprise by posting a blog entry that I'm going to get married soon. But I delayed this for so long that now probably everyone who knows me is informed of my marriage :). And for those who still don't know this, here is the official announcement. I'm no longer single and ready to mingle (oops ... did I just break someone's heart? :p). I am committed to Veena, a very sweet natured and cute looking girl. She is actually the sister of a very close buddy of mine, Vamsidhar. Our story is not very uncommon. We were initially good friends. Then I got interested in her. But she wasn't. And then when I let it go, she got interested in me :). Whatever, in the end both of us were interested in each other and decided to take the relationship ahead. Our parents took some time to give their nod. And once that was done, we decided on the engagement and marriage dates. The engagement was held on August 6 in Nellore. And the marriage is to be held this October. So, at last, my bachelor life concludes :)!

About two weeks after my engagement, I was in for a surprise. It was my birthday and my dear friend Shailu (Sailaja) had planned all surprises for me which included a birthday party at midnight, gift from my mom, cake and roses on behalf of my fiancee, a baby pillow and many greeting cards. For the unaware, Shailu happens to be my colleague's cousin and oh boy, I am so happy to have such a wonderful friend who cares and pampers me so much. And frankly speaking, I feel she is much more to me than a friend. She is a family member. Shailu, if you are reading, this is for you - "I know you hate it when I use words like thank you and sorry. But still I'll use them :). Thanks for being a part of my life.".

I've uploaded my engagement pictures and birthday photos in my photo gallery. Those who do not have access it can put me a mail requesting for the username and password.


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