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A Two Year Old Pending Gift

About two years back my friend and IIIT classmate Swetha told me that she would like to gift me something. I told her that I'd let her know when I really need something. That is because then everytime I look at the gift I'll get reminded of her :). And now after two years, I finally asked her to gift me the linksys router WRT-610N. And all I can say is that it is an awesome gift. The Linksys WRT-610N is a high-end home router. In India it costs about Rs.10,500. It works out to be about 30% cheaper when purchased in US. Swetha has done her MBA from one of the top institutes in US and is coming back to India after working there for sometime. I was initally apprehensive about asking her to purchase the router over there and gift me because Linksys does not provide gloabl warranty for that router. And if there were any issues with it, I'd have to send it back to the US for getting it replaced/repaired for free. But luckily the router is working fine and hopefully it won't give any issues. Below is the thank you mail which I had sent to Swetha after seting up the router which she gifted. The mail also gives an idea about the main features of the router. For more information about the router, you can visit

Hi Swetha,
I thought I had already put you a mail reg. this. ROUTER AWESOME UNDI !!! I
just set it up day-before yesterday morning. I removed the proprietary
linksys firmware and installed an open source firmware dd-wrt. My wired
network is now upgraded from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and wireless network from
Wireless G to Wireless N. Apart from this, I have fixed the 40 GB of my old
laptop to the USB Port of the router and it now functions as a NAS (Network
Area Storage) to which I intend to write daily backups. So if anything goes
wrong with my PC and/or laptop (crashed/hacked etc.) I still have a proper
backup to restore immediately :) . Now don't u think that's one heck of a
router ;) . Reviews have suggested that heavy usage of the router causes
heating problem but let us hope I don't have to face it :) . I am definitely
going to blog about this when I get time :) . Thanks a ton for the wonderful
gift. It is worth every penny. And with the purchase of a new HP all-in-one
which has been sponsored to us by a medical company, I don't think I will
be making any upgrade to my home IT infrastructure for a very long time now
:) .



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