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A surprise gift from my late grandfather

Today happens to be Dussehra. I was seriously working on something when my aunt called me and told me that I had gift from my grandfather. I didn't understand what she had meant as my grandfather had passed away in February. I thought that she meant my grandmother would be giving me the gift and it was supposed to be from both of them.

And she handed me over a cover with money with the amount written neatly on the cover in my grandfather's hand-writing. Then it struck me that my grandfather had planned this before his death itself. He had kept aside the gift for me and my wife and asked my aunt to hand it over to me when I was getting married.

During the past few years, the emotional dependency on my grandfather had reduced and his death about eight months back had not disturbed me much. But in a very indescribable way, I often feel his void and wonder why he is no longer with us. And I think this is true with all of his grandchildren.

A very thoughtful gift indeed. Thanks Tatha.


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