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Obtaining a Marriage Certificate (Secunderabad, India)

Having applied for a marriage certificate today, I am documenting the procedure here so that it is useful for someone. I got married according to the Hindu Marriage Act and the details given here are mainly applicable for this Act. For the Special Marriage Act or further information on the Hindu Marriage Act, kindly visit:

  • The certificate has to be applied to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction either the bridegroom or bride has been residing for more than 6 months immediately preceding the date of marriage. (As per one of the links given above, it should also be possible to apply to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage was solemnized)
  • As per the law, the Hindu Marriage Act has to be registered within one month from the date of solemnization of the marriage. If it is delayed, it can be condoned by the Sub-Registrar upto 5 years. Beyond that, the District Registrar has to condone it.
  • A form "Form A" has to be filled for filing for the marriage certificate. This form can be got from the office itself.
  • Below are the documents which you will need to furnish for a marriage certificate.
    Wedding Invitation
    Marriage Photo (We were insisted to get a photo in which I was tying the knot to my wife. Also we were asked for an additional photo. So better keep at least two photos)
    Age Proof (For age proof, my driving licence was rejected as a proof. So you will need to furnish some other proof such as Passport or Voter Card)
    Residence Proof
    Photo ID proof
  • Both the bridegroom and the bride have to be present while applying for the certificate. Additionally three witness have to be present as well.
  • In case it has been more than a month since the solemnization of your marriage, then both the bridegroom and the bride have to fill an additional form (two copies, one by bridegroom and one by the bride) requesting the Registrar to condone the delay. These forms have to be attested with two 2-rupees Court fee stamps, one on each copy.
  • The cost for the marriage certificate is Rs.20. You will be provided with a token asking you to come back a couple of days later to collect the marriage certificate.

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