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Moved To A New House

About two months back, Veena (my wife) and I moved to a new house. I've been thinking about blogging on this since then but just couldn't take the time out. Anyway, here is my experience so far on moving out of my parents' home.

Veena and I initially hired a broker to help us look for a house. We felt it would ease the process of finding a house. We did not like any of the houses the broker showed us. We continued looking for a house by ourselves and finally decided on a double-bedroom apartment. While we initially thought of going for a single bedroom apartment, we felt it would not be very convenient when Veena's parents come over for a visit. Though the rent was slightly over our budget, we decided to go for it as it was a new house, very spacious and the ventilation was really good. The first couple of weeks after we moved in were slightly chaotic. It took us about a month to move all the luggage. During this one month, Veena's parents also paid a visit.

We follow more or less a regular schedule. Personally, I prefer not having a maid and automating the daily chores as far as possible. During the weekend we purchase the groceries for the entire week. We split the household chores between us - I cut the vegetables and Veena does the cooking, Veena does the sweeping and I do the mopping :). The refrigerator helps to keep the food fresh for 3-4 days because of which are able manage by generally cooking only twice weekly, with 3-4 curries each time. We purchased a Panasonic rice cooker which again is a boon for cooking rice daily. Another really useful purchase we have made is the Whirlpool ABM551 5.5 Kg front load fully automatic washing machine (I am going to write a complete article on this). Among the other not-so-common electrical appliances we are considering purchasing are Robocleanz (automatic Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaner), Food Processor (which I believe will help me in chopping vegetables) and a Dishwasher. But I am looking for some feedback on these before I purchase them.

Life was always hectic and it got all the more hectic after I've moved into the new home. But I think it is time I learn how to balance life :). I feel bad that I've not been blogging much of late. So to make up for that I decided that I'd write at least a few articles this weekend.


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