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My Dad, The Hero Of The Day

If the title of this post is making you wonder about the extraordinary act which my dad has performed today to make him a hero, then STOP! This is not about something which he did overnight. This is something which he has been doing consistently over the past three decades - a very simple act of charity but with dedication and sincerity.

For almost three decades my dad has been visiting the Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity about once a week and he is still continuing it. A special prayer had been conducted today by them to pray for his health and longevity. The Brother who had performed the prayer was very surprised to know that my dad had been coming there for so long. And the sister-in-charge there was all praises for my dad. She told us that there were many people who'd do a one-time charity or work with them for sometime and move on. But very few would be associated with them for so long and so consistently.

Like I always say, "There is no other profession like medicine". And the reason for this is that you can touch your patients life in a very special way. And that is because nothing is more important than health. And a profession which helps us to keep good health is truly special. While doctors today are as interested in making money and are probably as corrupt as others, I still believe that medicine is the most noble profession. Had I not been an engineer, I would have for sure followed the footsteps of my father.

And yeah. My dad is a good son. He is a good husband. And a good father. But above all I personally feel he is a GREAT DOCTOR!


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