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With my wife, Veena, not getting a transfer immediately after marriage, I moved to Chennai for a couple of months. My stay in Chennai was at TGN Guest House. I'd like to mention a few words about my stay there so that this article will serve as a review for TGN Guest House as well.

Among the various guest houses in Chennai we had considered, this was the only one other than which came for a reasonable price. The 1 BHK guest house costed us Rs.12000 per month (exclusive of water and electricity charges). But we faced quite some problem with the service. For anything we needed, we had to call the owner, Babu many times. Also, though we were promised uninterrupted water supply, it was our responsibility to call up the water tanker provider everytime. Some of the main items such as Fridge, kitchen utensils, cots, etc. were provided very soon (on the day we moved in or within a week). But some of the smaller things such as mosquito meshes were postponed a lot. Though these were small issues, the delay caused us quite some inconvenience. Overall, Veena and I felt that the owner was not greedy for money but the service was bad (this could be because he had employed less number of persons).

Anyway, I returned to Hyderabad on Feb 21 and since then, it has been an extremely hectic schedule. We should be soon moving to a new home and I hope things will settle down by then.



We have fitted a flat-screen satellite TV. We too have restaurant in our guest house in Chennai.

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