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Replacement Laptop Keys

It may sometime happen that a key of our laptop breaks, or no longer works properly. Often the solution suggested for this is to have the entire laptop keyboard replaced. But this is not economical considering that laptop keyboards are pretty costly.

I recently faced this issue when my wife's Thinkpad Tab key was not working properly. I googled and came to know out that there are online companies who provide replacement keys for laptops. I chose to go with I was able to easily locate the type of key that I wanted with the help of their Search feature and sample images that they provided. They had the option of shipping to India, and it took about 3 weeks for the key to be delivered. The package was intact. I replaced the faulty key with the help of their video tutorial, and now the Tab key works great.

There are other such companies which provide replacement for laptop keys, and I think these are a good option when you have a couple of faulty keys.



Single laptop keys can be bought on

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