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Laptop Check

Certain things to look out for while buying a laptop:

1. The best way to know about a laptop / any computer part is to read reviews in the web. Make sure you do that before you make your decision. Sites such as should be a good start to understand about the most popular laptops.

2. Look for the laptop company support in you city of residence.


Airtel GPRS

Note: The GPRS plan packages and the procedure for activating and deactivating GPRS might have changed. Kindly contact Airtel customer care for exact details.

Update: I recently purchased a Nokia 3110 classic. This phone comes with EDGE and in-built modem. Using EDGE, the browsing speed seems to be reasonable.


This article is mainly for people using Airtel GPRS in Hyderabad (and Andhra Pradesh). As of the day of posting this article, Airtel Postpaid in Andhra Pradesh offers two packages for GRPS.

1. 199 flat monthly based plan


Thinkpad Backup And Linux Installation Notes

Update Sep 22, 2007: This article was written when I had purchased a Thinkpad (refurbished T40) for the first time. The article had later been upgraded when my friends purchased T41 and T43. The backup solutions described here in this article are mainly using open source tools. Though I have tested them on Thinkpads, they should work equally well on other laptops which do not come with recovery media.



Added two new monitoring services for my website so that I can get immediate alerts when my site goes down. Apart from this I also get a weekly and monthly report showing me the site uptime stats. Some things you have to look out for while subscribing to these services are:

  • Monitoring interval - most free services offer 1 hour monitoring interval but you can also get a monitoring interval of 15 mins
  • False Alarm protection - this means that the site would be tested from various locations to be doubly sure that the website is really down


Do not forget to checkout my latest post on domain registrars - New Domain Registrar.

So what's been happening of late? A lot. I kind of got busy with other things. I have been exploring new opportunities. I purchased a new laptop. My ISP is giving a lot of problems. This coupled with frequent server crashes is making me consider to move my website from my home PC to some hosting service.


Guide to Broadband ISPs in Hyderabad

Kindly note that offers and tariffs are subject to change from time to time. Please visit the website or contact the Customer Care of the particular ISP to find out about the availability and the latest tariffs. Also if you work for some well known company (Infosys, Orcale, etc.), you might be eligible for special discounts.

Criteria while choosing Broadband ISPs


Net Telephony

Note: This article mainly focusses on using Skype Phone Adapter. But if all you are looking for is a cheap and convenient long distance calling solution, then I suggest you visit this article of mine.

International Calling Solutions

This article is meant to provide cheap solutions for international calling. And by cheap, I mean really cheap. Also note, that I would highly recommend a 64 Kbps+ connection for enjoying best voice conversation.



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