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Complete Guide to Obtaining Driving Licence (India - Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad)

Please do not send me any enquiries reg. driving licences. I do not work for the RTA and have provided the information available here from the procedure I followed while procuring the licence. For further information refer to my comment AP Transport Website. You may find some of the procedures listed in this image which I have taken in Secunderabad RTO Office.

Also if you want to know how to obtain an international licence, you might find this article useful -

Note: This article was written in 2007. While chances are less, there is always a possibility that the licence application rules / driving track rules might have changed. It is always suggested to cross-check the driving rules at the testing center.

The procedure for obtaining a driving licence is in two stages. First you should obtain a learner licence. This will be valid for a period of six months. The second stage is applying for a permanent licence. You have to wait for at least a month after the issue of learner licence for applying for a permanent licence.

Obtaining a learner licence

- In order to apply for a learner licence, first you will have to fill two forms. These forms shall be available at the RTA office. At the time of writing this article, the forms costed Rs.2/-.

- Next you will have to furnish documents for proof of address and proof of age.

Valid documents for address proof:
1. Ration Card
2. Electricity Bill
3. LIC
4. Passport
5. Pay slip / ID card issued By State And Central Government along with residential address

Valid attested documents for age proof:
1. Passport
2. PanCard
3. School Certificate
4. Birth Certificate issued by State Government / MCH Authorities
5. LIC

- Once the forms and the relevant documents are submitted, a photo of yours is taken. Please note that you need not get any photographs of yours. A digital photo of yours is taken by the RTA authority itself.

- The last stage and the most important stage of obtaining a learner licence is to clear a written exam. This written exam is based on traffic signals, rules and other general questions. You need to answer 20 questions in 10 minutes. The passing mark is 12. The links give in the "references" section below should help you in preparing for the exam. But the best thing I suggest is to go to the RTA office and buy the book (about Rs.15). Going through it should prepare you well enough for clearing th exam.

- Once the exam is cleared, a learner licence is issued for a period of 6 months.

Obtaining a permanent licence

- The permanent licence can be applied only if you hold the learner licence for a minimum period of one month (the applicant is expected to learn driving the vehcile in this one month).

- At the driving test center, a form should be filled out and submitted.

- The fee for application of driving licence depends upon the class of vehicles for which you have applied the licence for. For a geared two wheeler and a four wheeler, the cost is Rs.440.

- After the forms are submitted and the fee is paid, you will be asked to take a driving test. Below is the track on which you will be asked to drive. (Unless you clearly understand the below diagram, please don't assume anything). Also for two wheeler only the '8' turn in the first block has to be performed and the next two blocks can be ignored as there is no reverse gear for two wheelers.

Driving Track

Certain things to keep in mind while driving

  • Always use indicators at turns
  • Slow down at speed brakers
  • Look for complusory horns
  • If driving a two-wheeler, you should not put your foot down
  • You shouldn't touch any of the dividers
  • I think it is alright if the car stops (not sure about this) but definitely the two wheeler shouldn't switch off

- Also note that you have to get your own vehicle (RTC will not provide any). And you might have to drive all the vehicles for which you have applied license for. So for example, if you have applied license for four wheeler and two wheeler, it won't be sufficient to drive four wheeler only. You might be asked to drive the two wheeler as well.

- Once the driving test is cleared, a permanent licende is issued (this is generally sent by post one week later).


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thftthx for the info.i have to go for it.


helpful info.

Very useful info. Also please do mention the number of test vehicles on track at a time.

There is no such fixed number of vehicles on the track at a time. I had given the test immediately post lunch and so there was no other vehicle. But I think the maximum number of allowed vehicles might be 3-4.

useful info, unfortunatly i dint got thru the test,do u know, wat to do next,

You should be able to take the test again after one week

is there any site where i can see my license details ?

As far as I know, I am not aware of any such site. Moreover, I do not see any reason why you would want to see your license details online. If the license is with you, it will have the necessary information on it. If you are a new applicant and have passed the driving test, then you should get the license in a week. If it takes more, you might need to follow up with RTA.

I want to change the Address in my Driving License . My driving License was issued ten years before.
What should I do for getting the new address changed?

This has been taken from "Hand Book On Motor Driving Licences"

Q. Is it necessary to Record Change of address?
A. No, There is no provision to intimate or record the change of address whenever change of address takes place. However, current address is recorded at the time of renewal of licence or issue of Duplicate or making any endorsement in the licence.

Fee for Change of Address - Rs.20 + card and service charge (this might have changed now)

Hope this helps :).

I'm staying on rent in Hyderabad. I have purchased a second hand scooty in Hyderabad. I want to change the ownership and as well make the driving license. My native place is Orissa. I do have Passport but it's of Orissa address. Kindly let me know the process.

I do not have an idea about this. You will have to get in touch with RTA. Also it would be useful if you can mention the procedure here if you get to know it.

I have gone through the new Car registration process myself at RTA office and have the vehicle inspection completed and after 4 weeks I did not receive any post(RC book) from RTA office and I enuired about the same and they said they have posted it and not got it back from PO as well. So they suggested me to check with PO. where as PO says they haven't got any such so go tp RTO's office an enquire the same. I am stranded now and don't know what to do. Please advise the procedure.


Hey Venky, I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have faced. I really don't have any fixed answer for this. I think you can use RTI Act ( in this situation to know the exact status.

I have a problem getting my driver's licence.Gave test twice but failed.I can drive and manage balance easily.But at the test time i get confuse.

Are you driving a two wheeler or a four wheeler? If you are driving a two wheeler then as far as I remember you need to do only the '8' turn and can skip the next two blocks.

Are you finding it difficult to make the turns? Then you can go to necklace road parking area (the one nearer to IMAX opposite to exhibition) in the morning and practice (I mean there are many dividers in that parking area and you should easily be able to simulate a 'H' turn, '8' turn etc.)

Are you unable to understand the turns? If yes, then you can ask someone who has already given and cleared the test to explain you how the turns are supposed to be made (The diagram above might be of assistance to you).

And lastly if you know driving well enough, understand the turns but yet are getting confused at the time of test, then it most probably could be because you are getting tensed. All I can say is the test is actually very easy and if you give it with a cool head, you should be able to clear it.

All the best for your test.

Rev sir,
I Kiran Goli Applied for the PERMANENT driving license on 3 rd of Juneand the officials said me you would receive the permanent license posted to your address. i did not get still . i went for driving test too.
The address


Hi Kiran,
I don't work for RTA, so I guess I can't do anything much in this regard :). You have two options in this regard. Go to the concerned RTA office and enquire reg. your licence. If they don't respond or ask for bribe, then you may consider using RTI to know the status of your licence.


i want 2 know whether under 18 can have the driving licence or shall i wait for 18 for gear licence,iam still 17yrs

This has been taken from "Hand Book On Motor Driving Licences".

Q. What should be the age for obtaining a Licence?
A. For a licence to drive:
i) Motrocyle without Gear (below 50CC): 16 years+
ii) Motorcycle with Gear and LMV: 18 years+ and
iii) LMVs like Cabs Auto rickshaws, Taxi cabs. Good Vechicles, Buses: 20 years and above.

NB: a) for persons between the the age of 16-18 years consent of the parent is also necessary.
b) a minimum of one year experience is necessary for a Licence holder of Motor car to obtain a licence for a Transport category licence.

I had obtained my learning license but lost is before appearing for the test. What should I do now? any guidance please

As far as I know, you will have to re-appear for the test. Or you can inquire at the RTA office whether they'll issue a duplicate learner licence (which I really doubt). Either way you will have to pay a visit to the RTA office :). Also I suggest you take all the necessary forms and proofs just in case you need to apply for a new learner license.

Thanks for the prompt help rahul :-)

Using license number how can i find out address of the license holder in online.

I don't think that is feasible. Moreover I don't see any reason why that kind of private information would be publicly available. Is there any particular reason why you'd like to know the address using the license number?

I have license in paper form.Now i want to change it to a card.Can any one explain the procedure and how much it costs.

Licence in paper form? I have never heard anything of that sort. Or are you talking about learner licence which you want to convert to permanent licence? In that case, kindly go through my above article.

my License(Permanent license) was issued in newly introduced at that time.It is optional to take card or license in paper(Permanent License).now i want to change it into card.

I am not sure but I think you can go to the RTA office and apply for it. They might be charging some nominal amount (again my guess) for issuing a card. Be sure to take the proofs I have mentioned in this article just to be on the safe side.

Hi Rahul,
This is Naveen currently working in sinapore and they require driving license record (something like bonafide certificate), with the details first issued date, officer stamp and seal etc,. to convert my license. Any idea, how to get it.

Hi Naveen, I have no idea about this. Logically speaking, I feel if you have the Indian licence that itself should suffice as a proof.

Hi Rahul,
Just to add up. I took international license from L.B.Nagar itself (Hyderabad), but they(local officer) even showed me the other person form who got the license here(singapore). Its a paper that has particulars (name, license no., photo, first issued date etc,.) with official seal & stamp. License record..Anyway thxs for your help.

Hi All,

I have lost my permenant license. I don't even have the driving license number also. I would like to know whether there is any possibility to get the duplicate driving license or else should i apply for a new one.

If i can get a duplicate copy, then how is it possible ?

Thx in advance. :)

This has been taken from "Hand Book On Motor Driving Licences":

Q. Is a Duplicate Licence issued?
A. Yes. A Duplicate Driving Licence is issued on loss of Licence or on surrender of existing licence by the Licensing Authority on whose Rolls/Records the licence is presently borne.

I have lost my permenant license. I don't even have the driving license number also. I would like to know whether there is any possibility to get the duplicate driving license or else should i apply for a new one.

If i can get a duplicate copy, then how is it possible ?

I am currently not living in india.

To obtain licence here, i need my indian licence to be exchanged.
But address on my licence is my old address different of that on my passpost. Further i dont have smart card but old paper licence.

Is there a way from which i can be issued a card without my need to travel there to india for this?

My apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately I do not know of any definite solution to your problem. Moreover I am not sure if there is any provision for changing the address (refer my comment on "Change in Address" in the same article). But if there is a facility, then you could probably ask someone here to collect the address change request form on your behalf and fax it to you. You could later fill it and courier it back to India. Anyway, the best thing I would suggest is to get in touch with RTA enquiry for the correct procedure.

hi iam not in india
iam having a licence of 2 and 4 wheeler which is in paper nto in card as i gone to rta office here in australia
and they tell that they want a confirmation letter for this licence because they dont have paper licence they have card licence in their book so any body can help me in this matter

Hi Rahul,
I am in Hyderabad now and going to USA for a few months. I would like to get a International Driving License.

Can you please advise me on how to get it? How much does it cost?

Currently, I have a Botswana Driving License.

Thank you.


Hi Nick, I really doubt if you could get a Botswana driving licence converted to an international driving licence in Hyderabad. But I am not sure about this and suggest you get in touch with the RTA office in your area reg. the provision of such a facility.

Hi Rahul,
I had called RTA up and they mentioned that they only issues International Licenses for people with Indian License.

Also, it was suggested that i simply apply for a fresh indian license using my current Botswana license. Thus avoid all tests and time related hassels.


what is the is the Fee details for 4 weehler in hyderabad?

please cc or send me mail to

Hi to everyone.
i want to make my Driving license. i stay near Erragadda, hyderabad. i heard v can make nearby kukatpally. if yes i dont know the address. can u guide me plz

Got to know this from a friend:

Take the first left after completely crossing Malaysian Township (when coming from JNTU side). After taking left, go straight for some distance till you see a Banyan Tree. RTA office should be located on the right in the ground floor of small building.

Hope this helps :).

i am sampat sapkal and i want to withdraw a new licence.before this i have not any driving licence. what is exact procedure for it? what document is required for it?
reply me as soon as possible.

thanks & regards,
sapkal sampat.

i am kushal and i have an doubt abt applying a license my date of bith is 4th dec1990 and i want to ask weather i can apply for both L.M.V and motorycle with gear


Currently I'm not in India and I need my Indian licence in exchange for an european licence here.
In which case, I had lost my original licence and I only have a photocopy of licence...
Is it possible for me to get a duplicate licence when I'm abroad...??
Can my father go and collect the duplicate license ?
How long does normally it takes to issue an duplicate license...

Please Help...

Kindest Regards,

Hi Rekha,
Please get in touch with the concerned RTA office for your query as I am unaware of the procedure.



I am schedued to go to US in 25 days . I have not learned 4 wheeler driving here in India. Now i was told that 4 wheeler driving is a must . So what would be a better solution learn here and go or go there directly and learn there and get a licence there in US. I am not sure as to what to do. Please help me out regarding this .