Mail Retriever

A mail retriever is used to retrieve mails from remote mail servers. This is especially useful if you want to retrieve mails from remote mail servers and deliver it to your local mail server or store in your local machine.


Setting Up Mail Server (With MDA, IMAP And Webmail)

Mail Server

Using your own mail server, you can have mails delivered directly. Certain things I looked out for while choosing a mail server for my personal use:

- Support for regular operating system accounts (unix logins)
- IMAP support (either inbuilt / external)
- Webmail support (either inbuilt / external)
- Maildir format supported
- (Sieve) Server side filtering (
- Ease of installation


Adding JPEG Comments

MaPiVi is a photo organizing software which can be used to add comments to JPEG files (always take a backup of your photos as this software works on it directly). However, MaPiVi is no longer being maintained actively. Another graphical tool which can be used for editing JPEG comments is XnViewMP. Originially written for Mac, binaries are now available for major linux distributions.


Shutdown Using Power Button

Here is a small tip. For configuring the power button to start shut down sequence when pressed, install "acpid" daemon via apt. This will install the necessary event (/etc/acpi/events/powerbtn) and associated action (/etc/acpi/ to be performed upon pressing the power button.


Setting up DHCP Server

A dhcp server allows you to assign IPs dynamically to your clients. For further information visit, Setting up DHCP server.


Connecting via PPPoE

This is especially useful for those who use a username and password to connect to their broadband cable/ADSL connection (such as that provided by BSNL, Airtel and Tata Indicom). For this you need to install pppoeconf package and run the command.

# apt-get install pppoeconf
# pppoeconf

Alternatively, if you are using mepis you can configure by going to Kmenu --> Internet --> Connection --> ADSL/PPPoE configuration.


Setting up Linux Gateway

Using this, you can set up your linux pc as a home gateway for all the other systems. For instructions on how to do this, you may refer the below links:



SSL/TLS enables you to communicate securely with your server. Most of the major protocols such as http, smtp, pop3, imap can use SSL/TLS. While TLS can be used over the same port, SSL has to be run on a different port such as https, smtps, pop3s, imaps. SSL has been superseded by TLS. You can find more information about SSL/TLS on Wikipedia.

StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority and are two CAs which issue free certificates.


Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS enables mapping of a dynamic IP to a fixed domain name. This is especially useful if you connect using ADSL services such as those of Tata Indicom, Airtel or BSNL as they provide a dynamic public IP every time you connect to the Internet. A public IP is a IP to identify the machine in the Internet (in contrast to private IP which is limited to intranets). Again both public IP and private IP can each be either static or dynamic.



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