PVC Tie Wire

A tie wrap is used to tie wires or objects together. It is mainly used for binding electrical wires, rods during construction, plants in gardens etc. They are of many types depending upon your need varying in the make, thickness, coated or not, etc.


At Last, Rahul Gets A New Mobile

It is a Nokia 6030. And frankly speaking I should have purchased it 2 months back, when had I lost my previous mobile because this model was released 2 years back. But I kept waiting for a newer model (Nokia 1650) to be released.

Nokia 1650 was supposed to release at the end of the second quarter. The third quarter also has come to an end but the model has not yet released. And moreover I would have to wait for feedback on Nokia 1650 from users after its release before purchasing it. All this would take at least another 1 month.


Website Gets Powweb Hosting

If you had visited my site this week, you might have observed that it was down for the first three days of the week and for the next one day, it was acting weird. So here is the reason.

All these days I had my site hosted on my home server. There were two big problems I constantly faced - 1. Power cut and 2. ISP (Internet Service Provider) downtime. So I had a Home UPS system setup. This solved the power cut problem but the ISP downtime problem was still there.


Long time dream to come true

Those who know me know that I am not someone who has many goals/dreams in my life. But among the very few I have, one of them is to contribute to the development of a good open source software. And today I seem to have come closer to accomplishing it.


Blog Action Day

Today is the Blog Action Day !!! The Day when Bloggers all over the world do their bit to contribute to the environment.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Our environment is facing many problems because of the imbalance we are creating in it. These are some things which I have began to practice in the recent times.


The Longest Wait

Wonder what I am waiting for? Release of Mepis 7.0 and Nokia 1650. I've been waiting for more than 2 months and just have no clue when these two are expected to release :(. Both were supposed to release by end of September. May the Lord be merciful and release these two soon :D.


Hey You There ... I'm still ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Oh yeah, I'm still alive and my site is still very much active. It is just that I am standing up to the title given to me "The busiest man on this earth" :D :D. As always, the past few months have been extremely hectic. In no particular order, here are a few things which I did during the past few months:

- Prepared my company's financial records.
- Visited my friend's wedding in Namakal (near Salem), Tamilnadu. She was my colleague during Bangalore training. The wedding went good except for that I almost missed the train on my return journey. But I somehow managed to catch it in time.


Domain Name Changed Again And ...

Do not forget to checkout my latest post on domain registrars - New Domain Registrar.

Hopefully the last time. Yes, rahul.ind.in is soon going to be obsoleted. The new domain name is rahul.amaram.name. And now I also have my own personal email id which is of the from firstnameATlastname.name. The reason for the shift of the domain name is:


A Visit to Anantagiri Hills

I along with few of my IIIT classmates had planned a get together yesterday. Not wanting to go to one of the regular places, we decided to pay a visit to Anantigiri Hills (75 kms from Hyderabad). Not a bad choice but at a completely wrong time. We've heard this place is really good but that is only in the rainy and winter season. Only too bad, we went in summer :). All the trees had shed their leaves. Some of us tried trekking for a while after which we got so exhausted that we just lazed about for a couple of hours in the shade and then started back.


My morning alarm is gone on a trip :(

To begin with, I've spent some time last week with my cousin Appu. Well, only a couple of days actually. One was all day out and the other day was at our aunt's place. We went to the movie 300 in PVR, did go-karting and played a few games like FooseBall, Air Hockey at Runaway 9 and to end it went for a boat ride and had dinner at Eat Street. The first time I am taking someone out for an entire day driving all by myself. So this makes it quite a special event for me :). She left to U.S. yesterday night.



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