Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS enables mapping of a dynamic IP to a fixed domain name. This is especially useful if you connect using ADSL services such as those of Tata Indicom, Airtel or BSNL as they provide a dynamic public IP every time you connect to the Internet. A public IP is a IP to identify the machine in the Internet (in contrast to private IP which is limited to intranets). Again both public IP and private IP can each be either static or dynamic.


Comptia Network+ Certification Resources

Comptia is a certifying authority. One of its exams which I had given and cleared in April 2006 was the Comptia Network+ Certification. I wasn't planning to take it. But as I was anyway reading a book on Networking Basics (which actually was a guide to Network+ Certification exam), I decided to take it.


British Library Hyderabad Review

Most of you must have heard of the British Library. I had been its member for one year. I had taken the Rs.1600 plan (this is the plan under which one I could rent DVDs). But I must say that I have been thoroughly disappointed. While I cannot comment on all the facilities provided by British Library, I must say that the DVD rental facility is pathetic (at least as of the day of writing this post). The DVDs available are really outdated.


A Dussera + Diwali + Thanksgiving + Christmas Gift ...

And that would be a USB to SATA/IDE cable ... hee hee. About three months back I purchased an external 250 GB SATA hard disk. But as I wanted to use it for backup purposes I did not want to fix it inside the cabinet but keep it outside and access it via USB. For this purpose, I purchased an external SATA to USB enclosure from CTC, Parklane, Secunderabad and started using it. But soon I realized that it was hanging intermittently and the only way to access the hard disk again was switching off and switching on the USB enclosure.


Airtel Broadband

After a lot of crying n cribbing over my previous ISP (You Tele) for almost more than a month, I have finally got a new ISP - Airtel Broadband. Though initially I faced some problem in finding out the details about some offer, the service was excellent once I had confirmed that I would be taking the connection. There was a one-day delay in the installation of the connection but I don't think that is a really big issue. The connection costed me Rs.500 (installation charges) + Rs.1000 (refundable security deposit).



Update time!!!!!!!!!!

To begin with, I've become a permanent Secunderabad Club Member. My dad is a member and as I was below 16 years when my dad had become a member, I am given the privilege of becoming a permanent member as soon as I am 25. The interview was held a couple of weeks back and I received the membership letter last week.

Next, the big news. My sister is going to start working from next month. She has long been waiting for a job which will suit her interests and I think the patience has paid off. Her work involves managing a shop near Banjara Hills.


The Gnome Time Tracker

Here is a quick review of The Gnome Time Tracker. Time tracking software is used to keep track of the time spent on various activities. This is especially a boon for freelancers who want to track the amount of time they spend on individual projects.


Gallery Up!

The gallery (photo album) of my site is working again. There have been no new albums added though. With this the migration of my site to the online hosting provider can be considered complete.



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