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A surprise gift from my late grandfather

Today happens to be Dussehra. I was seriously working on something when my aunt called me and told me that I had gift from my grandfather. I didn't understand what she had meant as my grandfather had passed away in February. I thought that she meant my grandmother would be giving me the gift and it was supposed to be from both of them.


A Two Year Old Pending Gift

About two years back my friend and IIIT classmate Swetha told me that she would like to gift me something. I told her that I'd let her know when I really need something. That is because then everytime I look at the gift I'll get reminded of her :). And now after two years, I finally asked her to gift me the linksys router WRT-610N. And all I can say is that it is an awesome gift. The Linksys WRT-610N is a high-end home router. In India it costs about Rs.10,500. It works out to be about 30% cheaper when purchased in US.


Unexpected Feedback

My website is not just a passion. It is a means for me to connect in a very indirect way with people from all over the world. It is about sharing with the world the knowledge I have. It is an interface through which I share my thoughts and what's happening in my life. Below are some of the mails which I got as a feedback which only reinforce the purpose of my site. And therefore encouraged by mails like these, I have added the Guestbook module to my website. Feel free to sign the guestbook if you like the website.

Dear Rahul,


Engagement And 27 Birthday

I thought of giving my friends and distant relatives a surprise by posting a blog entry that I'm going to get married soon. But I delayed this for so long that now probably everyone who knows me is informed of my marriage :). And for those who still don't know this, here is the official announcement. I'm no longer single and ready to mingle (oops ... did I just break someone's heart? :p). I am committed to Veena, a very sweet natured and cute looking girl. She is actually the sister of a very close buddy of mine, Vamsidhar. Our story is not very uncommon. We were initially good friends.


Completion of First Year at Synovel

Today I complete one year of working at Synovel. Synovel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company which works in the collaboration domain and is a strong propagator of open source. After about a year-and-a-half of work, we have finally released the initial version of the Synovel Collaboration Server (on May 17, 2009). It feels great to see a product on which you have worked from scratch for a considerable time to be deployed and use in some company :). The other products of Synovel include a Desktop Email Client (know as Spicebird) and a Web client (still in development).


The Meaning of Rahul

Rahul, a popular male name in India, has a variety of meanings. The earliest meaning found in the Upanishads is "conqueror of all miseries". Later use of the word is attributed to the Lord Buddha , who named his son Rahul as he felt that family ties could be an obstacle in the path to renunciation and nirvana. Lord Buddha uttered Rahul when he first saw his son and gave a new meaning "relationship" and "bondage" to this name. Rahul means Moon, Able/efficient in Sanskrit and Pali.Rahul also means "Traveler" in Arabic.


Old Age Begins at 27

I cannot agree more with this. Had I been among those whom they had studied, they'd realize aging starts a lot earlier than 27 :p.


What a day

Below is an old article I had written for IIIT magazine. I found it while browsing through some old archives. The article was written on July 30, 2003 and probably published a couple of days later.

What a day!!! To start with, the microsoft seminar. There was this seminar
organised by Microsft for students and faculty and they also provided
free lunch. I decided to go (of course free lunch re, how can i not go).
The seminar was not bad. But the lunch was really good - panner butter
masala, chicken (its a different matter that i am veg, but chicken was


Grandfather Passes Away

The 10th day ceremony will be held on 14th February, 2009. You are invited to attend it to pay your homage to my grandfather.


Where Do I See Myself Five Years Down The Line

For me the most difficult question to answer during an interview is - "Where do you see yourself five years down the line?". At last, I think I have found the answer. This is where I see myself five years later.



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