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Views on Wives

These are the views of some really great people about a wife. If U diagree with it just delete it , else save it. But remember ur diagreeal doesn't make a difference as I guess these people who have stated these are far more intellectual than we are ............... So just enjoy :-) !

Every man should get married sometime;
after all, happiness is not the only
thing in life!!

An archaeologist is the best husband
a woman can have; the older she gets the more
interested he is in her.
--Agatha Christie


Indian Matrimony

These are actual ads on a matrimony site. Grammar and spell errors have no place in a profile description as everything is straight from the heart!
Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you forget your basic grammar after reading this mail…

- Hello To Viewvers My Name is Somesha , I am single i dont have Famale, If any one whant to marrie to me u can visite to my home. I am not a good education but i working all field in bangalroe.. if u like me u welcome to my heart... when ever u whant to meet pls viset my resident or send u letter.. Thanks yours Regards Somesha ~*~



One morning at a doctors surgery a patient arrives complaining of serious back-pain. The doctor examines him and asks him" OK, what happened to your back?"

The patient replies "You know that I work for a local night club? This morning I got home to my apartment early and heard a noise in my bedroom.

On entering I knew someone had been with my wife and the balcony door was open. I rushed out the balcony door and did not find anyone. As I looked down from the balcony I saw a man running out and he was dressing himself.


How many Bars?

A man walks into the front door of a bar. He is obviously drunk, and staggers up to the bar, seats himself on a stool and, with a belch, asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender politely informs the man that it appears that he has already had plenty to drink, he could not be served additional liquor at this bar, and could a cab be called for him?


American Independence

The teacher asked Sam who had signed America's Declaration of Independence.

"I don't know and I don't care," said the boy rudely.

Later the teacher called both the student and his father to his office and explained the son's bad attitude.

"You must tell the truth" said the father angrily to his son. "If you signed it, admit it!"


Door To Door Entrepreneur

This door-to-door entrepreneur became rather bored with his job of selling Bibles, so he decided to become a boss, hiring three people to sell Bibles for him. He interviewed three people. The first came in and said, "I want to sell Bibles for you."

"OK, you're hired. Here's your kit; go sell!"

The second came in and said, "I want to sell Bibles for you."

"OK, you're hired! Here's your kit; go sell!"


NewsPaper Ad

The following is an ad from a real-life newspaper which appeared four days in a row - the last three hopelessly trying to correct the first day's mistake.

MONDAY: For sale: R.D. Jones has one sewing machine for sale. Pbone 948-0707 after 7 P.M.. and ask for Mrs. Kelly who lives with him cheap.

TUESDAY Notice: We regret having erred In R.D. Jones' ad yesterday. It should have read "One sewing machine for sale cheap. Phone 948-0707 and ask for Mrs. Kelly, who lives with him after 7 P.M."


Breaking The News

This couple were going on holidays and they left the neighbour in charge of the cat.

After about a week in their holiday they received a telegram to say that the cat was run over by a car and died.



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