Internet Radio Player

UPDATE: Nightangle is now available for download. Ubuntu PPA repo is available as well . See
UPDATE: Songbird linux builds are available through contributed builds -



There is one feature I often missed in linux console - deleting to Trash. I often do a 'rm -rf' and then suddenly realize that I have accidentally deleted something which I shouldn't have. From now on, I needn't worry because I have started using trash-cli, a command line interface to the trashcan. This small utility provides commands to delete and restore files from the console.


Washing Machine

I generally avoid hiring a maid and like to automate the daily chores to the maximum possible extent. The biggest investment in this direction was the washing machine. This was purchased with the marriage gift money given by my Aunt Suchitra (Mom's elder sister). After reading several reviews and comparing the different models of washing machines, we finally decided to go for Whirlpool ABM551 5.5 Kg front load fully automatic washing machine. Some of the things we considered before purchasing this are:


    Moved To A New House

    About two months back, Veena (my wife) and I moved to a new house. I've been thinking about blogging on this since then but just couldn't take the time out. Anyway, here is my experience so far on moving out of my parents' home.


    Maternal Grandmother Passes Away

    On April 12, 2010 at around 14:20, my maternal grandmother, Thirumala Devi, aged 75, succumbed to a heart attack. Her health had deteriorated considerably during her last few days and she had been bed-ridden for almost a month. May her soul rest in peace.



    With my wife, Veena, not getting a transfer immediately after marriage, I moved to Chennai for a couple of months. My stay in Chennai was at TGN Guest House. I'd like to mention a few words about my stay there so that this article will serve as a review for TGN Guest House as well.


    Obtaining a Marriage Certificate (Secunderabad, India)

    Having applied for a marriage certificate today, I am documenting the procedure here so that it is useful for someone. I got married according to the Hindu Marriage Act and the details given here are mainly applicable for this Act. For the Special Marriage Act or further information on the Hindu Marriage Act, kindly visit:

      BackupPC with Lighttpd in DD-WRT

      This tutorial covers the necessary steps to get BackupPC up and running on any device (such as the Linksys router WRT 610N) which has DD-WRT firmware installed on it.

      In case there are any steps which I have missed, kindly mention them in the comments section, and I will update the main article accordingly.

      Installing DD-WRT Firmware


      SFTP Console Client with Recursive Download/Upload Support

      I often find it difficult to use 'scp' program because I don't know the exact path to the directory in the destination server and I do not find 'sftp' program very useful because it does not support recursive downloads. Here are two programs which offer recursive downloads over sftp protocol:

      1. psftp provided by package putty-tools

      # psftp user@server
      psftp> get -r directory_to_download
      psftp> put -r directory_to_upload


      Open Source And Free Software

      Here is a little something for those new to the terms or those who are confused between these two terms.

      For quite sometime, I had this simple idea:

      Open Source - Software for which source is available
      Free Software - Software for which we do not have to pay



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